All homes and apartments are rented now. SORRY NO VACANCY. Anyway we do have horse stables available for rent with optional food, cleaning and training.

Homes and Apartments For Rent Close To Ajijic And Chapala.

Long Term, Fully Furnished And Equiped.

Only 2 Homes and 1 Apartment all inside a 5.7 Acres Paradise Land. It doesn´t get anymore private, calm and spacious than this.

Entrance to La Esperanza Home Rentals near Ajijic
Entrance to La Esperanza Home Rentals near Ajijic

Now with Internet!!*

We have WiFi in all our homes, and the signal also covers much of the property. All homes and apartments have an Ethernet jack to plug into, in addition to WiFi. The average download speed is 3mbps and the upload is 0.50mbps whether using Ethernet or WiFi. *Internet service is free of charge, it comes as a courtesy of the lardlord to all tenants and it is not part of the rental contract obligations.

La Esperanza is just 10 minutes from Ajijic and only 20 minutes from the Guadalajara airport. The 5.7-acre (2.3 hectare) site is characterized by clean fresh air, natural beauty, and tranquility. The grounds are near the village of Ixtlahuacan de los Membrillos and just off the highway connecting Guadalajara with Lake Chapala. The highway is close enough to provide convenience, and far enough to silence traffic noise, so that La Esperanza provides a relaxing sanctuary for guests who enjoy being surrounded by nature.

In addition to homes and apartments, La Esperanza’s grounds offer private parking, a large terrace, a multi-sport playing court, large shade trees, grassy areas, cultivated fields of corn, outbuildings for animals and storage, and three ponds. One of the ponds is about 200 yards in length and suitable for kayaking during rain season.

A variety of birds and small wildlife inhabit La Esperanza and the surrounding land. It is common to see herons, owls, small hawks, canadian ducks and red robins. Sometimes at night we can see hares on the road. During the rainy season we have plenty of turtles and frogs. With a bit of luck, ocasionally we get to see deer and coyotes.

Within walking distance are great camping spots with incredible views. You can also take one of our mountain bikes out for a scenic ride. Take a look at other great Amenities in or near La Esperanza.

The starry nights, a nighttime walk lit by a full moon, the mist at daybreak, a brilliant rainbow and glowing sunsets are all intrinsic shows provided by nature’s paintbrush for all our guests to enjoy and treasure.


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